Many people do not understand the science behind gaining lean muscle and losing fat. To most of us, we confuse gaining lean muscle to bodybuilding which is a different thing. Being lean simply means having low body fat in your body or having more muscle mass than the fat percentage in your body. This kind of body is not only ideal for many people but is a body that is considered healthy. Many people are willing to do anything to get such kind of a body. If you are among them, here are simple ways to gain lean mass and lose fat.

Add your protein intake

wertgdfsdasMany people think that protein makes you gain fat, but in reality, protein is your best friend when you want to gain lean muscle and lose fat. In fact, protein is sometimes referred to as a muscle builder and a fat burner. It strengthens the muscles and makes them grow in a process that involves a lot of energy. This energy is what accounts for 90% of fat loss. The more energy used, the more calories are burned resulting in fat loss. So, increasing your protein intake by at least twice your normal intake will certainly help your body gain lean muscle while losing fat at the same time. Best protein sources can include; lean meat, fish, dairy products, nuts, and poultry. If you want to take your protein intake a notch higher, you can include protein supplements, and protein shakes for more benefits.

Weight train

This is no joke. You can eat protein the way you want but if you do not include a day or two of weight training, then your progress will be slow and could result in weight gain if not controlled. To effectively burn more calories, your muscles need to be strong and built, and the only way you can have strong muscles is if you weight train. The science behind weight training and fat loss is simple, the more weight lifting, the more muscle you build and the more fat is lost. The muscle built is what makes you lean. Big muscles ‘suck fat’ out of your body making you lean.

Stick to healthy eating

When it comes to being lean, a lot of things come into play. You need to stick to healthier options all the time. Unnecessary sugars and processed foods will slow down your progress. Eat healthy carbs like brown bread, brown rice, and brown sugar while sticking to healthy natural vitamins from fruits and vegetables to enable your body gain muscle and lose fat in a more natural healthy way.w45tyhfgdfsd

Be consistent

A month without exercising or a week or two without enough protein is a no-no if you want to remain lean. Be consistent in what you do. Exercise regularly, eat right, drink plenty of water, get good sleep and avoid stress. Even if you do not see results in the first month or so, do not despair continue with your eating and exercising routine. You do not gain lean muscle and lose fat; you have to earn it through hard work and being positive no matter how fast or slow the outcome is.